Your Story

What is your story? What is your mission? God’s purpose for you? These thoughts are still in my brain after the sermon today. We each have a story – ups, downs, trials, and blessings. Each of those trials shape us. God uses our circumstances to refine us for His purpose. Many of our stories are of redemption, God’s unconditional unfailing love. It is up to us share our stories of God’s presence in our lives. God doesn’t promise an easy life as a Christian. He does however, promise that he will never forsake us or ever leave us. How amazing is that!!!
So tell your story “of Jesus and His love”. Here is a hymn we sang today that sent me back to my childhood once again. 🎶
How can I help you? I’d love to pray for you. Please let me know.


🎶🎶I Love to tell the story🎶🎶


I love to tell the story

  Of unseen things above,

Of Jesus and His glory,

  Of Jesus and His love.

I love to tell the story,

  Because I know ’tis true;

It satisfies my longings

  As nothing else can do.

  I love to tell the story,

’Twill be my theme in glory

To tell the old, old story

  of Jesus and His love.


I love to tell the story;

  More wonderful it seems

Than all the golden fancies

  Of all my golden dreams,

I love to tell the story,

  It did so much for me;

And that is just the reason

  I tell it now to thee.


I love to tell the story;

  ’Tis pleasant to repeat

What seems each time I tell it,

  More wonderfully sweet.

I love to tell the story;

  For some have never heard

The message of salvation

  From God’s own holy Word.


I love to tell the story;

  For those who know it best

Seem hungering and thirsting

  To hear it like the rest.

And when, in scenes of glory,

  I sing the new, new song,

’Twill be the old, old story,

  That I have loved so long.

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