It’s Fall Y’all

And just like that it’s Fall 🍁Somehow the summer flew by and the cooler temperatures are setting up a beautiful autumn 🍂

Farmer’s market Saturday morning haul

We are in full fall schedule with school, church, and swim while trying to cook and do homework each night. I try to cook ahead as much as I can roasting veggies and making soups. What are your favorite fall cooking hacks?

She arranged the week’s finds at the Lynchburg Community Market

We love fall soups and trying new things at the farmer’s market. Lately it’s all thinks squash. Roasted spaghetti squash with sautéed veggies, garlic, and onions. Roasted stuffed delicata squash. Apple and butternut squash soup.

Spaghetti squash with sautéed veggies
Roasted stuffed delicata squash

While we love fall we also had a pretty great summer filled with adventures, roads trips, and camp.

We added Love to our family

I can’t tell you how many half written blog posts never made it to published. Life is busy and even more than I realized. I feel like I lost three months. While the pandemic made us multi task I still seem to be in that mode desperately wanting to slow down and watch the seasons change. And as if you needed a reminder- Christmas is three months TODAY 🎄 Thankfully I have everything wrapped and ready 😂 just kidding. The only reason my house is decorated for Fall already is because my sweet child did it for me. So the lesson staring me in the face… Slow Down…Enjoy the present…. So friend how are you enjoying the fall?



Camp Greystone!

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