Running up the hill for another ride down.
The look like a modern Currier and Ives
winter scene.

It’s hard to believe Christmas was almost a month ago and now we are trudging through the cold of January. I haven’t written a post lately though I have recipes and photos ready to go! I will try to get them up before the end of the month.

And with the snow comes ice.
She offered to clear the walkway for a friend.

The joy of the season and the excitement of the first snow came a few days into the new year. By mid-January the fresh start of the year, healthy eating, and exercising are polarized by the frigid temperatures and winter storms. Instead snuggling on the couch by the fireplace seems like the best plan.

We waited for double digits and she was so excited!

Another pot of soup ( I will post the recipes soon) on the stove while sipping hot tea under a blanket feels perfect for these very cold days. We are watching from the warm house the snow we played in days ago and have no desire to step in now. Though I still love to take pictures of the snow. We also learned this year that snow days are fun but two-hour delay days are not.

The weight of the ice on the trees

As much as I love living in a place with all four seasons I am ready for Spring. I know that’s not till mid-March but hopefully it won’t be bone chilling by then. I miss long walks in the warm sunshine. Still, I’m thankful for this season and hopeful for an amazing 2022! I’m focusing on family time and reading more till the warmer weather returns. Reading any good books this winter? I’d love to know. I’m always looking for my next book. 📚

Can you see how deep the snow is?

A reminder that the seasons and circumstances will change but our Heavenly Father will not. He is always loving, faithful, and available.
“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease”. Genesis 8:22

Stay warm and safe!

Christmas 2021

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