Last Day of Third Grade

Third Grade
First and Last Day

Dressed as Fern from Charlotte’s Web and headed to the county fair on this last day of third grade. What a fun way to celebrate making it through the entire year in person.

Fern from Charlotte’s Web
is ready for the county fair

As we approach the drop off line teachers are cheering and with NSYNC singing “Bye Bye Bye” over the loud speakers at Liberty Christian Academy.

What a great day and such excitement for summer. Capturing these moments makes my momma heart burst. We made it an entire year during a pandemic without being shutdown again! We got a whole year of classroom learning, STEM, music, PE, art, computer, surrounded by loving teachers. We are all celebrating nine months of in-person learning. Yes, we wore masks, had temperature checks, desks six feet apart but we made it!

We have so much to be thankful for. Third grade completed in person. Awana book completed in person. Indoor Swim season and meets completed in person.

Trinity week at Awana

Up next 84 Days of summer! Filled with camps, outside summer swim league, reading, math, camping, and vacation. The summer days will go by as fast as third grade did and with just as much excitement.

Starting her summer reading today
The secret world of weather

So friends what do you have to be thankful for? What’s on your summer agenda?



First Day of Third Grade

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