Thanksgiving Memories

In the kitchen probably wearing an outfit my Aunt Barbara made me. Same kitchen table and chairs ❤️

I know we are all experiencing the new normal but when it comes to Thanksgiving I am not ok! I miss the house full of people. Waiting my turn for the bathroom. Long hot baths in the deep porcelain tub with the hottest water on earth. The early morning sounds of a walker before the sun even thinks about rising. The kitchen so hot from cooking that we open the doors. Waiting my turn in the tiny kitchen to prepare my sweet potatoes and remembering that the Kitchen Aid starts as soon as you plug it in. The smell of food all night and waking up to cinnamon rolls wafting over the coffee.

My sweet Papa in the den.
Wish I knew what story he was telling me ❤️

Oh what I’d give to be back there at this very moment. I’ve spent nearly every Thanksgivings of my life in that house until last year.

Thanksgiving 2018 in the kitchen with my cousins and girls ( Braxton’s on frig)

We each took our turn making our dishes, eating chocolate, and catching up the night before Thanksgiving. It was my home away from home. It didn’t matter what was going on in our lives we were there. Together. That’s what I miss. My family Together. I had no idea that Thanksgiving 2018 would be my last on N. Fifth Ave.

My sweet Aunt and Prayer Warrior. I can hear her now…”would you care to get me a sodie”? ❤️

Tonight I started prepping for Thanksgiving and the memories flooded my mind and I cried. My nine year old misses our Piggott trip almost as much as me.

Uncle Marshall sharply dressed and probably wearing white socks ❤️

I made all of our favorites in tiny portions. I was texting my cousins and pretending I’d see them tomorrow. In reality tomorrow we will FaceTime and celebrate the last Thanksgiving on N. Fifth Ave! I look forward to being back around the table with my family prayerfully in the new year even though it won’t be in that house!

Aunt Barbara and her girls in the living room 💚

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!



Amy & Me at the piano.
The same piano my girls played on ❤️
Tracy at the older dinning room table ❤️

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  1. Ed and Linda Cox says:

    This post made me cry too.
    Love You,

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    1. From the heart! So many memories in that house! Love you!


  2. Love your post. Simply inspiring.


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