Growing Girls

Shelton walked in the bathroom as I was getting ready for church this morning and said “ I’m gonna pick out your clothes and shoes- you will be beautiful” At this point she was dressed in a Lilly shift so I had an idea where this was going. “Tadah – you will match me momma and you will be so beautiful”.

Such affirmations from my sweet six year old. She bounced down the hall happily to tell her daddy that we would be matching. A little later she walked back in the bathroom as I was using the flat iron on my hair. “What are you doing? ….Is that hot”? I’m straightening my hair I answered. “Will you straighten mine”? Shelton asked. “ Your hair is beautiful just the way it is” I said. She looked up and said “ but mine is just like yours just lighter” She was right. Though we do not look alike we do have the same thick wavy hair. What was I teaching her?

She is a six year old sponge who longs to be just like me. What I don’t want her to see is her momma more concerned with her outside appearance than what really matters. What I want her to see is my heart. What I want her to see is Jesus in me (daily working on that). What I want her to see is my love for her dad, her sister, and her. What I want her to see that she is not first in my life. My job is not to revolve around her but to raise a God fearing, respective, productive human with a heart for Jesus. What I want her to see is an imperfect momma trying her best for her family. Each day is a blank slate and thankfully God’s mercies are new. Daily I get to try my best to be the wife, momma, friends, and most of all child of God.



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