Resting, Worry, and Me

While my younger daughter could win an Olympic Medal 🏅 for napping I could not. I could however win Gold for worrying. Worrying was a gift I learned at an early age. I’d worry about my grades, abilities, parents, family but not about the sun coming up each morning. Somehow it was necessary for me to worry about the small stuff (thought it felt big) but trust God to tell the Sun when to set and the moon when to rise.

This type of worrying did not end in my youth. It Still plagues me today.

This year my new year’s resolution was to practice resting on the Sabbath. After the first few Sundays I worried I was doing it wrong. Yes Gold Medal Worrying. Now three months in I’ve prayed, napped, daydreamed, and tried really hard not to “work”. Specifically not answer emails or messages unless absolutely necessary. Yes Jesus did in fact heal on the Sabbath though clearly my work is not that important. So where do I draw the line? I’ve read up, done Bible studies, and realized it comes down to Trust. Do I Trust the Lord with my life, business, work to stop for one day(SS)? I would have answered an immediate YES! But do my actions match my words? Working till 12:01am on Sunday morning to rest on the Sabbath or setting my alarm for 4:00am on Monday to jumpstart my week were pushing the Sabbath a bit much. The honest answer is I do not know how to rest. To turn my mind off (unless I’m on the beach🏖 but clearly that is not practical each Sunday) and rest is hard. In fact, I find my self cooking and cleaning more on Sunday than ever before. And yet the Father says…”come to me all who are wary and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:12. So maybe cleaning is out…lol.

Now add Lent. A very obedient season as we prepare for Easter. More intense prayer, bible studies, and following Jesus life from birth to death. As previously mentioned I usually give up food like candy, sweets, and sugar. Sometimes I fail even in this short 40 days. Jesus was repeatedly tempted and never failed the test. And that’s the point. God is not tempting me with sugary delights nor does He need me to worry. In fact, He mentions it many times in the Bible. In fact I read somewhere that God says Fear Not 365 Days a year! Coincidence? I think not. But God knows I will fail and I will worry yet He loves me just the same. He forgives me long before I forgive myself. He knitted me in my mother’s womb. He know everything about me (Psalm 139:13). So while Lent and Sabbath seem like a time be obedient it is also a time to be free because of Jesus.



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  1. Ed and Linda Cox says:

    Why 90 days instead of 40 days or 40 days + Sunday’s?

    You come by worry honestly.
    I still do some, but retirement helps.

    Love you,
    Sent from my iPhone



  2. 90 Days- study of Jesus’ life from birth to death I’m doing. 90 Days so far trying not to worry and observe Sabbath. Yes Lent is 40.


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