Range of Emotions

From Valentine’s Party to the somber news of another tragedy to the Ash Wednesday service tonight; today has been a range of emotions.

Growing up a Methodist we observed lent in preparation for Easter each year. We gave up things like coke or chocolate for 40 days and really felt like we were suffering. Also as children we were given mite boxes (widow’s mite Luke 21:1-4) during lent. The mite box was intended for contributions of “mites.” We put in a penny for each pair of shoes or a dime for each item of clothing.

I remember thinking how blessed we were that our boxes were full in comparison to others around the world thankful God chose this place and this country for me. We proudly brought our mite boxes in Easter Morning that didn’t even touch the widow mite of all she had.

Today was a different take on Ash Wednesday for me. In fact it’s the only time I’ve ever been given a bar of soap at church. The analogy of soap being made from oil and ashes we use to get clean along with dirty sinfulness being washed by the blood of Jesus was unlike I’ve ever heard. I love the symbolism and the reminder with the physical bar of soap. So after switching from Valentine’s to lent I will start the journey over the next 40 days having never suffered as my Lord and Savior has. That is indeed the ultimate example of Love. ♥️



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