Fresh Pressed Memories

Braxton in a pressed white Feltman brothers smocked baby dress and
me in a pressed white linen dress
May 16, 1999

As I pressed the wrinkles in my vintage linen dress this morning memories came flooding back. It was the late 90s, Braxton was a newborn and I lived in long flowing Rafella linen dresses. I had them in every color. I wore my linen uniform to church, garden club, and play dates. Hot summer sticky delta days in crisp linen with hair pulled back.

I’m glad the longer dresses are back in style. The older I get the more I reflect on the past. Times seemed slower then and less complicated. While I can go back in time I seek to slow down and share those memories. As busy as our weeks are the weekend are sacred and old school. Shopping for food and cooking together and playing outside.

Shelton in a pressed linen Well dressed wolf
and me in my pressed vintage Rafaela linen dress
May 16, 2021

The resent cover of okra. magazine takes me back too. Warm summer, flowing linen dress, and sandals walking at sunset listening to evening cicadas. Barefoot playing outside till the moon and sun swap places. School is almost over for another year and we move more outside soaking up all that nature has to offer.

Coffee and Mississippi Delta Memories

Crisp linen, warm summer day, endless possibilities. How will you spend your summer? I’d love to know your favorite summer spots and favorite summer activities.

Summer Evening Fun



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