Southerners Snow

The Biggest Snowflakes

We started out with blue jeans and rubber boots. After freezing we knew we needed the proper gear to truly appreciate this winter wonderland.

Silly Southern in her rain boots

Today is the third snow of 2021, and the best experience for these southerners. Snow for us was a wish or prayer every few years if we were lucky. Certainly not three snows in three weeks.

Flexible Flyer Fun

Today was the first snow day that at least one of us was not freezing. It made it better and we stayed out much longer.

She launches her snow ball as daddy takes a picture

Our first big snow was in 2021! Christmas 2019 Shelton asked Santa for snow. It did not happen but he did bring sleds for Shelton and Genie Kitty. They waited 400 days to use their sleds! 400 days to slide down the backyard hill. 400 days to make snow angels, a snowman, and snow ice cream!

Genie on her sled

We learned rain boots with thick socks are not enough. And there is a difference in winter gloves and snow gloves! Typical Deep South error. Lessons learned appropriate items purchased.

Fun in the snow with frozen toes!
Ugg’s are not snow boots!

The next snow we had what we could buy locally but one of us still lacked snow bibs, gloves, and boots. They arrived two days after snow number two. I resolved the fact that it might be next year before I was able to test them out. I saw the snow forecast but was skeptical looking at the temperatures. I’ve taught metrology and it snows at thirty-two degrees. Today at thirty-three degrees and even thirty-five degrees. It was beautiful and another special family day. When it snows we will be outside enjoying the splendor.

Snow boots gripping the snow
as she runs up for another trip down


The Snow Speakes Family


I love watching him work. Possibly shot for
Okra magazine.

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