Sundays – resting & getting ready

Purple hands from purple sweet potatoes and purple carrots! So delicious and hands are back to normal after a few good scrubbings!

My Sundays are for resting and getting ready for the week. I also make an effort to sit quietly and read. Sometimes I fall asleep. I’ve tried to work smarter rather than my typical harder. I make sure clothes are ready for the week and food we can grab fairly quickly. I’m far from a meal-prep routine but I’ve learned to cut up and roast my veggies on Sunday afternoon.

This is one medium butternut squash. Four cups in large chunks! It’s 9.99 a pound per cubed at the store so I cut my own. I’m not fast but worth the time and effort.

Then they are ready to crisp up quickly using the broiler throughout the week. They are crispy and yummy with just salt, pepper, and olive oil. 400 degrees for 40 minutes turning them over after 20 minutes. Most any veggies will work. If roasting garlic keep the skins on while cooking. Otherwise they will burn. I make two sheet pans worth at a time using whatever veggies I have on hand.

Butternut squash, purple sweet potatoes, Tri-colored carrots, onions, red skinned potatoes
While the pan looks crowded- then do shrink

As I was prepping veggies for the week Scott sent me a link – 26 Shrimp recipes for Sunday dinner. Taking the hint I scrolled through seeing two recipes I liked. One-Pot Garlicky shrimp and spinach. The other shrimp & grits stuffed bell peppers. So I combined both recipes into one! It was delicious. Shelton asked to take one to school. No I’m not sending shrimp to school to stink up the classroom. Eating at your desk six feet away from anyone is hard enough without everyone wondering what’s in her lunch this time 😂

The best part of the recipes- I had everything on hand swapping Two Brooks Farm’s rice grits for traditional grits. I also swapped out the cheese too so feel free to use your favorite.

Enjoy your Sunday however that may be. I’ve always heard a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.



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