June Weekends

What an amazing weekend and a much needed break from the asthma/allergy issues that plagued us this week. The sunshine and Virginia air was exactly what we needed. We tried new things, ate great food, and made some pretty big decisions.

We tried something new for our family this weekend. We rode bikes as a family and Shelton said that was her “favorite part of moving to Virginia”. If you’ve read my blog in the last nine months you will notice a pattern of her favorite things in Virginia. I love that the list keeps growing! After all Virginia is for L❤️VERS!

The part for me personally was the ability to actually ride a bike. It’s been four years since I’d ridden a bike and something we never thought I’d be able to do. God has truly blessed me. I truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Now to tackle the Virginia elevations and enjoy this season with my family.

We’ve made decisions this weekend to spend more time outside, make healthier choices, and even to go camping! These are the choices we never knew were even possible before. Last weekend we explored Williamsburg, Virginia, picked lavender, and next weekend will be another outdoor adventure weekend!

Enjoy your family, friends, and find the best place in every situation!



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