Her Father’s Daughter

Supper at La Tienda in Williamsburg, Virginia

I’m so thankful for their relationship. She is her father’s daughter. Dinner at La Tienda in Williamsburg, Virginia was fabulous. Scott sharing tapas and Shelton loving seafood paella with calamari. We love eating and gathering around the table. Sharing and talking over a long dinner and building memories. La Tienda has been a favorite of Scott’s since he was introduced to them when he photographed their catalog years ago. Now we are enjoying this as a family.

I’m so proud of Scott. He is a wonderful husband, father, photographer. and Publisher. While the world took a pause Okra Magazine put together a beautiful cookbook with recipes from across the South. Please check out this free cookbook and enjoy food with your family.



Calamari fun and outdoor dining at La Tienda.

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