Father’s Day in Virginia

Pride Rock at TRO

It’s pretty fitting that our first Father’s Day in Virginia was going to camp! I spent many Father’s Days headed to camp! I didn’t always love camp. In fact, I didn’t think I would ever send my girls to summer camp. Camp Greystone changed my mind. I even told Braxton I wanted to go with her! One year I had her convinced I was going to work there while she was a camper. This summer might have been Shelton’s first summer at Greystone. We are hopeful next summer Shelton will officially be a Greystone girl.

Back to Father’s Day 2020. We went to the first ever Family Camp at Thomas Road Outpost. In contrast to my dislike of summer camp I absolutely loved Family Camp growing up! We went every Fall and it was wonderful. My favorite was when Family Camp was at Wall Doxey.

The Familiar Father’s Day Routine Headed to Summer Camp

Back to Family Camp 2020, it was more than I could have ever imagined. I did things I never thought I’d try, met lots of people, and learned about more Mountains in the Bible than I knew existed, and I love camping with my family.

I’m excited about my new discoveries, adventures, and most of all enjoying God’s beauty with my family.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Family Summer June Day to you and yours.

Father’s Day after church



Setting the table for Father’s Day Supper on the deck

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