Happy New Year and Black Eyed Peas

Happy New Year!

I’ve always lived in the South and eaten black eyed peas on the first day of each new year! This year was no exception. 🎉🏉😋

So here are two Black Eyed Pea options from one cooking. We had one for lunch and one for dinner while cheering on the SEC in bowl games 🏉
of dried and soaked bags ( 1 pound each) of black eyed peas* in the Instapot on the slow cooker setting. They cooked 20hrs (the preset time on the Instapot on the slow cooker setting). We added 2 Tablespoons each of salt, pepper, oregano, cayenne pepper. *The night before we soaked both bags together in one pot. Then drained and rinsed the peas before putting them in the Instapot.

Black Eyed Pea Dip 4 cups cooked black eyed peas (or canned rinsed and drained)

1 purple onion chopped

1 yellow bell pepper chopped

1 orange bell pepper chopped

1 red bell pepper chopped

1 green bell pepper chopped

1 jalapeños seeded and chopped

2 cloves garlic minced

4 Tablespoons minced cilantro

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar

2 Tablespoons spicy mustard

1 Tablespoon Agave or Honey

1 Cup Olive oil

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon dried oregano

Directions: Place all chopped veggies in a large bowl including the cilantro. In a blender or shaker bottle combine the vinegars, mustard, agave, olive oil, salt, pepper, and dried oregano. Blend well. Pour dressing over the veggies in the bowl. Mix well. Then add a cup of black eyed peas at a time stirring for a nice dip like consistency. Chill and serve with your favorite tortilla or corn chips! New Black Eyed pea & chicken sausage soup (revised from pervious Black Eyed Pea & Chicken Sausage post Nov.2016) 6 cups cooked black eyed peas (or canned rinsed and drained)

2 Tablespoons olive oil

1 onions chopped

3 gloves garlic minced

2 ribs celery chopped

2 large carrots chopped

1- 16oz spicy chicken sausage

4 Tablespoons fresh rosemary divided

4 Tablespoons lemon zests divided

1 can Rotel tomatoes with green chilies

32 oz Beef Bone Broth

2 cups of your favorite cheese (can be omitted if allergies) we used mozzarella

Salt & Pepper to taste

Directions: Sauté in olive oil onions, garlic, celery, and carrotsThen add chicken sausageAfter veggies are soft & chicken sausage is cooked add Rotel tomatoes, black eye peas then add 1/2 fresh rosemary & 1/2 lemon zest and 2 cups of mozzarella Add 32oz Beef Bone Broth Cook 30 minutesServe each bowl with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon zest, and fresh rosemary. We ate organic tortilla chips while watching bowl games!

I hope each of you has a prosperous 2018 with lots of love and good food!



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  1. Ed and Linda Cox says:

    Very nice!

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    1. Thank you! Love our traditions ❤️


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