The Balance of ethics, safety, and economics.

I recently asked my class to write a personal statement of ethics. As pilots we hold regulations and life scared yet this student’s statement spoke so firmly of his faith. I wanted to share.

The older I get the more I realize that everything in life requires balance. This applies to areas of health and fitness, stress and rest, as well as in raising children and maintains a strong relationship with a spouse……

…..Ethics and our foundational driving principles need to be what defines our organization, how we function, and what the public can expect from us. A good ethic will lead to an excellent safe operation. A poor ethic may bring temporary short term financial gain, but the company will not endure the long haul…..

I believe first in a sovereign God that reigns over all of the affairs on earth. He sees and knows all things. Therefore, I choose to submit to Him in everything I do and follow by His Grace the commands and instructions He has set for me. I choose to fear God more than men; thus I will ethically do the right thing even if it means a financial loss, or the displeasure of people. I will do what’s best for my neighbor (safety) even if it’s a financial loss. My love is not for money, although I need to be a profitable businessman, my love is for God and my neighbor. Safety in a sense is considering others more than yourself. 

With this approach to Aviation safety and economics we are guaranteed success and safety (Psalm 1:1-3).

The safest place for anyone is to be right in the center of God’s will. I truly believe that an organization that has a Biblical ethic foundation will be the safest and in the end, most profitable. Safety and profit go hand in hand.
It is so refreshing in today’s fast paced -gotta have it -me first society to read this statement of ethics, safety, and economics.

I learn so much from my students. The older I get and the longer I teach the more I learn.


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