THIS WEEK ONLY!!!Well that’s a sense of urgency right? I hear LIMITED TIME! GET IT NOW! If you are like me, you don’t always respond to those words…. This time is different! God is doing amazing things on our team and I want to SHOUT IT OUT TO EVERYONE!

My family is so blessed to be apart of this God First • Debt Free • Family •Fun• Freedom Company! So I will skip to the amazing promotion going on Now till June 30th. Then you can read why I share this with anyone that will listen 💚.

Now till June 30th join our team for $9.99 plus tax & shipping! ( we paid $99 each). Same Business Builder Kit with $100 in products and everything you need to get started! But honestly I wouldn’t even wait for that kit to get started with this amazing promotion!

Sign 4 loyal customers and earn $100 shopping spree! (They didn’t have that when we joined)

Sign a distributor for $9.99 and when they get their 4 loyal customers and their shopping spree YOU earn $200 ( Fast Start bonus is usually $99). 


1. You join today for $9.99

2. You get 4 loyal customers and $100 shopping spree at the ItWorks store 

4. You sign 5 friends as Distributors that replicate what you just did…$1,000 in your bank account next Friday! 

5. You are now block for Ruby making an average of $599 a month in a few hours worth of work!

6. Replicate step 4 three times and you are Diamond averaging $2,000 a month!

No catch…No fine print… No gimmick 

So ready to join our team?



If not please continue reading to learn my heart and my motivation 💚

Let me be 100% honest with you. I am a dreamer. Each day I do my best. I want to show you out there, YOU CAN DREAM TOO. I want to help that mom that cries each night and can’t sleep KNOW that you can change your life and not be away from your kids. We all deserve to live. LIVE. 

I’m so thankful for being invited to do this, we are so blessed!

I’m looking for that person that knows they are meant for more and I am ready to match you step for step and teach you how to change your life! Regardless of your current situation you can do this- even if you work full time- juggle your household- while raising children! 

I know what you are thinking. You want to become an It Works Independent Distributor, but you don’t know how to make money. Most people when they become representative of a direct sales or multi-level marketing company it’s their first time. Learning how to make money with any company is new and you need to know where to start.

I have heard things like “I don’t SEE how I can make money selling wraps.” and then that person never even tries. First point- there are nearly 40 products – Not just wraps. The issue is not the products, the company, or the compensation plan. It’s the lack of effort and action, quitting before they even started, lack of vision, or not understanding how to make money with the company that is the issue.

My goal is to help you see the ways you can earn money and how to begin making it and reach your goals! 

Know why you are working this business.

First off I need you to know why you are doing this business and what you want to get from it. Write it down and put it in a place you will see very often. Do a vision board so you know where you are headed. No dream is to big, but there is such thing as dreaming too small. Believe in yourself and know you deserve big dreams! Motivation is key and if you don’t know why you are doing this and if it doesn’t touch your heart and soul, then what’s the point of you doing this? So I’ll go first: 

Hi I’m Julie! I started in the summer after a year and a half battle of medical bills upset our family budget. Before our daughter was transferred to St. Jude’s we were in and out of hospital and specialist offices. We had good jobs and insurance but it was not enough. Now my husband and I are building our business and realizing that corporate America doesn’t always provide the security you think! We are growing our business and moving on! We started out looking for an extra $500. Now we are running to the top! Praying along the way knowing that God is showing us the way!

Now to the Meat & Potatoes:

We get paid 4 different ways!

1. Wrap cash – we get wraps for a discounted price, & we sell them to make a profit. 

If you get your wraps for $59 a box (whole sale), then each single wrap has a cost of $14.75.

Wrap profit would be ($25-$14.75) $10.25 per single wrap sold.

If you get your wraps for $25 a box with Wrap Rewards, then each single wrap has a cost of $6.25.

Wrap profit would be ($25-$6.25) $18.75 per single wrap sold.

***How do you get Wrap Rewards you ask? Easy! You get 1 wrap reward for every 2 loyal customers you enter through your website. 1 wrap reward gets you 1 box of body wraps for $25 or 1 box of facial wraps fro $20 (in US).

You can make a nice chunk of money each month just selling single wraps! To make $500 in profit each month you really only need to sell 27 single wraps each month (if you are using wrap rewards). Most people buy 4 at a time. So really… that’s easy cash! You just need to talk to people about your business.

2. Commission – we make 15% of our loyal customers’ orders, & once we enroll new team members, we also make money off of the customers they enroll!

Loyal Customer- It definitely pays to be a loyal customer and to get lots of them! We are a customer based business and we reward our customers for loyalty and using our products on a regular basis. They get wholesale pricing without having to become a distributor. This is great for those who want to be just product users.

Since our loyal customers are customers for life, then that means you earn commission on them for life. Loyal Customers are the key to our residual income. We want to get them, help them, and build lasting relationships with them. We have a common love for the same products.

What do you earn on loyal customers?

You earn 10% commission and a 5% enrollment bonus. So in other words 15%.

Example: You have 1000 dollars in bonus volume (customer orders) …you earn $150 in commissions. If you are looking to earn just enough to pay for your autoshipment to use the products yourself…this is a great way! you really only need 8-14 loyal customers ordering on a regular basis to achieve this. So find some product lovers and take care of them. 

Retail Customer- Some customers want to try things out without committing to being on autoshipment or before they decide these are the products they want to be on. Since we don’t keep product on hand we don’t usually have samples for people to try. Supplements really need to be taken for more than a couple days to really see if the person likes them and samples won’t give them a realistic experience. We offer a retail orders which the customer pays the full retail price and gets to place a one time no other commitment order.

What you get paid is the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price.

Example: 1 box of wraps retails at $99 but it wholesales for $59. Your profit is $40!

3. Fast start bonuses – these are my FAVVV way we get paid! Everytime we enroll a new team member & help them get their first 2 loyal customers, we get $100! These are unlimited!

How to get this $100 bonus:

1st step: Enroll a new distributor through your website. Like this one

2nd step: Help get that distributor launched and started in their business. Your distributor needs to get at least 2 loyal customers in their first 30 days and run their 80bv autoshipment in their first 30 days.

Once they do those 2 things…you get your $100 paid out on the Friday after it was earned depending on when the weekly pay period ends.

This is a great incentive to find distributors and help them get started. We want to pay you for your passion of It Works and the love of sharing your products.

4. Other bonuses. Right now, we have the $5000-$150,000 in bonuses!
Team Commissions!

Since we love what we do, we eventually come across people who want or need to make extra money, we can sign up our own distributors! When we sign up our own distributors we teach them to get loyal customers which is the back bone of our business. They will earn commission on their loyal customers, but guess what? We earn commissions on our team’s loyal customers too!

How much commission?

We earn a 5% enroller bonus for all distributors who sign up through our own personal websites.

We also earn 2-10% commission on our distributors customer volumes depending where they are located on our team.

So really you can earn anywhere from 2% to 15% including the enroller bonus.

Why are Enroller bonuses so important? 

They are important because 5% adds up to a lot of money. This is incentive for you to always be working your business and sharing the opportunity. I know that a large portion of my check is from enrolling new people.

60 Loyal Customer Bonus- We love to compensate our people for them sharing the products they love! No selling involved here. We just share our favorite products and our own testimonies….that’s enough to get everyone excited about what we do! As you just learned our loyal customers are the backbone of our business and we want as many as possible. By being a strong customer gathering machine…you will earn a $600 cash bonus each month!

The specifics of the bonus:

1. Gather 60 loyal customers

2. The volume from those loyal customers need to be 3000 in bonus volume (That’s 50 in bonus volume each minimum. Some order more some order less.)

This triggers the bonus!

To maintain the bonus each month:

1. Just keep doing what you are doing. Add new customers.

2. You always have to make sure 60 customers have active accounts (meaning they didn’t cancel it out completely. They don’t necessarily need to be on autoshipment.)

3. Make sure your 3000 in bv is there each month and that bonus will come!

Diamond Level and Above Bonuses!

The following bonuses happen after you reach the rank of Diamond!

Generational Bonuses:

Once you reach the rank of Diamond you get a raise! You get an extra 2% on your group volume! When was the last time you get a 2% raise? You get one every month and the more volume you have the bigger your raise is. The work is worth getting here.

Once you are Diamond and above you earn a 2-9% bonus on all teams under you that are Diamond teams. That is amazing and great incentive to help your people become Diamond Leaders.

Leadership Level Bonuses (LLBs):

These are my favorite! They act like a Fast Start bonus BUT BETTER!

Once you hit Diamond you start earning Leadership Level Bonuses on any new teams you enroll. This is incentive for you to continue your search for people who want to be business owners.

How much are they?

Here it by ranks….if you are this rank, then your Leadership level bonus on those people will be the following:

Diamond= $80

Double Diamond= $120

Triple Diamond= $135

Presidential Diamond= $145

Ambassador Diamond= $150

When do you get one?

You get the above Leadership Level Bonus in your paycheck if you earn a Fast Start bonus on your new distributor or if they earn a Fast Start bonus on their new distributor. Yes you read that right…not only do you get them on your new enrollees, but you’ll get them on their enrollees as well! Yes and to infinity! Yes this sounds complicated, but don’t try to figure it out now. I’ll teach you when we get to that point. All you need to know is no one should EVER MISS EARNING a Fast Start Bonus. If we make sure that…then your Leadership Level Bonuses will fall into place.

Black Diamond G.O.O.D (Get Out Of Debt) Bonus

Black Diamond is our Newest and Highest Rank. You hit Black Diamond by earning $100,000 each month in commissions for a consecutive 6 months in a row. Once you do that you earn the Black Diamond G.O.O.D Bonus!

The bonus is a $100,000 bonus split up into 25 payments. 



Want to Join our Team?

Join our team here click join in the top left corner! 

I’m here to help you any way I can. My prayer is to help people spiritually, physically, and financially.



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