Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings when I was growing up we went shopping. We may have had a soccer game or basketball game but we always ended up shopping for groceries and clothes at Seessel’s, Easyway, Goldsmith’s and Dillard’s followed by a treat at La Baguette. I have fond memories of those days but choose a slower paced day.

Saturday mornings as an adult I wash the sheets, clean a bit, and play in the kitchen usually in my jommies all day. This rainy Delta day is no different. The kitchen is full of aromas from waffles to breads to cookies. This morning started with our usual King Arthur gluten-free waffles. As Scott got to work in the yard I started thinking about lunch 🤣 So I made olive rosemary slab bread and savory sun-dried tomato waffles for hearty sandwiches from Silvana Nardone’s Cooking for Isaiah. I love her gluten-free flour mix that is so versatile for baking. So with two savory bread options we had fun making combinations.

The bacon, egg, cheese sandwich on sun-dried tomato waffle was my favorite. The olive rosemary slab bread with hummus and sun-dried tomatoes was Scott’s favorite.

The olive-rosemary bread was an adaption of Silvana’s hummus, roasted tomato and pine nuts on olive-oregano bread slab. Since Shelton has a nut allergy we omitted the pine nuts and swapped fresh rosemary for oregano and sun-dried tomatoes for the roasted tomatoes. We had a very hearty lunch trying all of the possible combinations. The waffles sandwiches and slab breads can easily be warmed up on a stone with olive oil and sea salt for another meal.

When we bake gluten-free bread we usually have several egg yolks left over so we make ice cream. Today I used this ice cream recipe I previously posted here and added frozen bits of cookie dough to make an allergy friendly chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! Because the cookies use a flax egg they are safe to eat raw! I make a quadruple batch of cookies and we love to eat them out of the freezer.

Now that the kitchen is clean we can nap with full bellies and dream of dinner.



Shelton feeling very please to get the whole chocolate chip cookie in her mouth 🤣

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