Sunday -The Runaway Bunny

Sunday afternoon with the sun pouring through the window and I am staring out at the trees blowing as my sweet girl reads “The Runaway Bunny.” I struggle on Sundays between trying to observe the sabbath and getting organized for the week. Today after lunch I sat down with my mocha latte, pencil, and paper to plan out the week when Shelton walked in with the book. Is it possible to do both? Rest and get ready for the week? Baking, laundry, meetings, and schedules. This part of the semester speeds up much like the stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas Break and time waits for no one.

There are days I want to run away just like the little bunny boy in the book. And like the momma who runs after the little boy so does the Lord run after me. He leaves behind the ninety-nine to find me (Matthew 18:12). So as I sit here the third week of lent I know that even when I am struggling over things the Lord never intended for me to worry about I will rest in His love knowing God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).



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