Sausage egg & cheese biscuit

Today I updated our biscuit recipe to remove the goat yogurt since we recently learned that Shelton can no longer have table sugar and lactose. Previously we were told no cow dairy and now it seems no goat or sheep dairy either. This morning we had chicken sausage, egg & cheese biscuit! It was a hit.

I used earth balance soy free in place of the ghee and ripple half & half in place of the goat yogurt. For the cheese I used daiya’s New American Style slices. About ten years ago we tried daiya cheeses and did not like them. We did however, give daiya a second chance because Shelton likes their Mac & Cheese. We were pleasantly surprised and it melted under the broiler and tasted pretty close to American cheese (from what I can remember 😬).

So here is my original biscuit recipe. I used the same measurements with the new dairy alternative. Friends, I’d love to hear what dairy alternatives you use. Shelton has an allergy to gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and table sugar! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks friends!



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