Feast and Famine

Well technically tomorrow is a Feast day of Lent. Each Sunday you may partake of that which you chose to abstain from. Well I also tend to feast before I start a healthy eating plan…I do Not use the D word! After several months of traveling and indulging (especially at Disney) I decided it’s time get back to my healthier eating. So my last meal…Pasta and Grissini which for anyone with Celiacs that is a treat! 
I found a great simple Pasta recipe at    Honey Ghee & Me it’s simple and fast using only a few incredients including Cassava Flour.

On the Pasta:

In a large bowl place the following ingredients. Then add drained pasta and toss.

2 T ghee (butter with dairy removed)
2 T Lemon infused olive oil

Grape tomatoes

Green onions

Pecorino Romano (sheep cheese)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Simply and delicious.

The Grissini is a crispy Italian bread stick. The recipe we used was from the The Urban Poser. Jenni Hulet is a master in the kitchen without using grains  or refined sugar! Check out her blog here. We baked some of the Grissini entire time noted in her recipe for a crispy bread stick and shortened the time for a softer version. 3/3 of us liked both the crispy and the soft! Get the cookbook and try for yourself. I must say we all enjoyed taking turns piping the pate a choux! 

So we are stuffed and ready for bed! Don’t forget to spring forward ⏰ so you are not late for church!



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