Let Your Light Shine

I started a 21 Day Bible Challenge this week called Out of the Shallows 21 Days of Deep. Day 2 is about letting your light shine before others and that they may see your good deeds and see Jesus. I immediately remembered a picture I took of kids running into bible school a few weeks…

Free Living

I love Friday mornings. They are my follow-up /catch up day to everything I didn’t finish on my list during the week. My quiet time was a struggle this week. I’ve been reading Wild and Free. Really thinking about what holds me back from letting go or not beating myself up over the little things….

Plan, Pray, Dream

September marked another birthday for me. That’s another year to plan, pray, envision and dream. My plan, prayer, and vision is to help people spiritually, physically, and financially for the glory of God. Everything I need to accomplish this comes from God. “There is no secular division of your life. You are a spiritual being….