The Mother’s Day of Emotions

No matching dresses, no hugs from my first born, no church family celebrations with flowers. Yet this was the most emotional and special Mother’s Day. Worshipping in our flannels with the fireplace on and lots of coffee and chocolates (we can eat). The music and message at Passion City Church was exactly what I needed today.

It’s been a hard season as a mother. Moving nine months ago away from my first born and watching her grow into the woman God had planned for her, at a distance is hard. She’s a nurse, graduate student, strong and loving. I know that but miss her hugs. Somedays I feel like my job ended but what I’m realizing my job changes from trying to mold and shape to support and love.

Nurse pinning and graduation five months ago.

It’s been a hard season the last few months too for many mothers like me. Mother, Wife, Dean, Second Grade Teacher, Cook, Cleaner, Planner. Praising, Praying, Trusting, and Following in Obedience. The life we thought we’d have if we “just had more time”. Suddenly all we have is more time. Yet the things on my to- do list are still there. This time at home was not to do more but to be more. More together time, more flaws, more work, more frustrations, more joys, more food, more exploring. Doing less we find more. Having to be the hands and feet not to the neighbors you don’t know but to your family. When your daughter recognizes you are stressed out and tells you. You realize you can’t hide from this much togetherness. So I’m not running and hiding. I’m crying out to the One who knows everything and how to guide, show me what I need to learn, and how to be the Mother He has called me to be.

Scott gave his mom this cross. Last Mother’s Day after Grammies passes away Scott gave it to Shelton. She asked to wear it today. We miss Grammies so much.

As a mother comforts her child,

    so will I comfort you;

    and you will be comforted over Jerusalem. Isaiah 66:13

Be blessed today for your life, circumstances, and the One who holds your life in His hands.

Sending love and hope.



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