Fridays are my catch up day. Check off everything I didn’t finish during the week. I try to finish everything so nothing interferes with family time during the weekend. As I reheat my coffee for the third time I realize my to do list this week was longer than my allotment of time. No surprises there 🤣 I actually shutdown as I try to prioritize my list then this song floods my mind and heart 💜

“Third cup of joe just to get me through the day

Want to make the most of time but I feel it slip away

I wonder if there’s something more to this crazy life

I’m busy, busy, busy, ……

……Breathe, just breathe

Come and rest at my feet

And be, just be

Chaos calls but all you really need

Is to just breathe…..” Jonny Diaz

Just a few hours ago as I read my Bible verse it mentioned resting in Him and seeking Him in everything- even my list making. It confirmed that today on February 8th I am already out of sink with my plans for 2019…. I reflect back in my journal to December 28, 2018: While we are not promised tomorrow I’m still a dreamer and a planner. My goals in 2019, are to spend more quality time with my family, more present- less multitasking, live like its Christmas all year long, and to help my team reach their goals! I can help you too! My prayer is to help you spiritually(seek Jesus), physically (get healthy), and financially(debt free). I will be here to help you each step of the way! Message me today so we can get started on your 2019 goals! Please let me know how I can help you 💚

Family fun this past weekend while at Rowan Oak on a photo shoot for Okra magazine. Thankful we can make those trips family trips! Have a great and restful weekend!



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