Two Years

It’s been two years since I started my blog and so much has changed and I thought I’d reintroduce myself for my new followers 💚

I’m Julie and I’m a busy mom learning to be comfortable in her own skin. I write about Faith, Food, Family, and our Business Journeys! Two years ago Okra Magazine was still just a concept. My ItWorks Business was super new and I had a huge job, sick daughter, and a mountain of medical bills. I was tired. Always pushing myself and over committing my busy schedule. But gently the Lord was nudging me. Seek me, Slow down…I will give you rest.

So that’s exactly what I did! I started saying No and Not right now. I stepped down from my administration job and back to teaching. I focused my energy on prayer, personal development, family, and peace.

And now I start my day with prayer and personal development. I work my business around my family and teaching job. Cooking dinner, reading books, and playing in the background replaced working late till my family called me to come home for dinner. I’m working less and more productive. How can that be? Well I think it’s because God is shaping me to be all I am supposed to be. I am so thankful (after many years) I am comfortable in my own skin as a child of the One True King!

Just like teaching I still get to educate and help others. Last night I just helped Katy join! I’m just saying she’s a genius for jumping in at the right time, on the right team!!! You’ve been watching my journey for over 2 years, you’ve watched as I stepped down from a big job, paid off debt, and travel the world by working from my phone, and I’m going to the top. 📲 I am just a small town girl living in Mississippi … if I can do this you can too!! THIS IS YOUR SIGN! We are taking off so if you want to grab one of these $99 starter kits, go to, click JOIN and then the green circle that says “get started today!” Once you’re signed up text me and I’ll respond back and help you start making money ASAP! 🙌🏼💕

The Back Story:

I started in the summer after a year and a half battle of medical bills upset our family budget. Before our daughter was transferred to St. Jude’s we were in and out of hospital and specialist offices. We had good jobs and insurance but it was not enough. Now my husband and I are building our business and realizing that corporate America doesn’t always provide the security you think! We are growing our business and moving on! We started out looking for an extra $500. Now we are running to the top! Praying along the way knowing that God is showing us the way!

Now to the Meat & Potatoes:

We get paid 4 different ways!

1. Wrap cash – we get wraps for a discounted price, & we sell them to make a profit. 

If you get your wraps for $59 a box (whole sale), then each single wrap has a cost of $14.75.

Wrap profit would be ($25-$14.75) $10.25 per single wrap sold.

If you get your wraps for $25 a box with Wrap Rewards, then each single wrap has a cost of $6.25.

Wrap profit would be ($25-$6.25) $18.75 per single wrap sold.

***How do you get Wrap Rewards you ask? Easy! You get 1 wrap reward for every 2 loyal customers you enter through your website. 1 wrap reward gets you 1 box of body wraps for $25 or 1 box of facial wraps from $25 (in US).

You can make a nice chunk of money each month just selling single wraps! To make $500 in profit each month you really only need to sell 27 single wraps each month (if you are using wrap rewards). Most people buy 4 at a time. So really… that’s easy cash! You just need to talk to people about your business.

2. Commission – we make 15% of our loyal customers’ orders, & once we enroll new team members, we also make money off of the customers they enroll!

Loyal Customer- It definitely pays to be a loyal customer and to get lots of them! We are a customer based business and we reward our customers for loyalty and using our products on a regular basis. They get wholesale pricing without having to become a distributor. This is great for those who want to be just product users.

Since our loyal customers are customers for life, then that means you earn commission on them for life. Loyal Customers are the key to our residual income. We want to get them, help them, and build lasting relationships with them. We have a common love for the same products.

What do you earn on loyal customers?

You earn 10% commission and a 5% enrollment bonus. So in other words 15%.

Example: You have 1000 dollars in bonus volume (customer orders) …you earn $150 in commissions. If you are looking to earn just enough to pay for your autoshipment to use the products yourself…this is a great way! you really only need 8-14 loyal customers ordering on a regular basis to achieve this. So find some product lovers and take care of them. 

Retail Customer- Some customers want to try things out without committing to being on autoshipment or before they decide these are the products they want to be on. Since we don’t keep product on hand we don’t usually have samples for people to try. Supplements really need to be taken for more than a couple days to really see if the person likes them and samples won’t give them a realistic experience. We offer a retail orders which the customer pays the full retail price and gets to place a one time no other commitment order.

What you get paid is the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price.

Example: 1 box of wraps retails at $99 but it wholesales for $59. Your profit is $40!

3. Fast start bonuses – these are my FAVVV way we get paid! Everytime we enroll a new team member & help them get their first 2 loyal customers, we get $100! These are unlimited!

How to get this $100 bonus:

1st step: Enroll a new distributor through your website. Like this one

2nd step: Help get that distributor launched and started in their business. Your distributor needs to get at least 2 loyal customers in their first 30 days and run their 80bv autoshipment in their first 30 days.

Once they do those 2 things…you get your $100 paid out on the Friday after it was earned depending on when the weekly pay period ends.

This is a great incentive to find distributors and help them get started. We want to pay you for your passion of It Works and the love of sharing your products.

4. Other bonuses. Right now, we have the $1000 Ruby, $5000 Emerald, $7,500 Diamond Bonuses all the way up to $100,000! PLUS $150 in Free Products!

To grab one of these $99 starter kits, go to, click JOIN and then the green circle that says “get started today!” Once you’re signed up text me and I’ll respond back and help you start making money ASAP!

If you have questions please message me



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  1. I also taught. I have my Master’s in Ed Leadership too but have never pursued administration. Maybe one day but being home with my kids is all I want right now. 💖


    1. I completely understand! I’m sooo thankful I stepped down from the administration position to be at home more!! Kids don’t keep and I applaud for staying home with them 💚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. 💖


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