Two Years

It’s been two years since I started my blog and so much has changed and I thought I’d reintroduce myself for my new followers 💚

I’m Julie and I’m a busy mom learning to be comfortable in her own skin. I write about Faith, Food, Family, and our Business Journeys! Two years ago Okra Magazine was still just a concept. I had a huge job, sick daughter, and a mountain of medical bills. I was tired. Always pushing myself and over committing my busy schedule. But gently the Lord was nudging me. Seek me, Slow down…I will give you rest.

So that’s exactly what I did! I started saying No and Not right now. I stepped down from my administration job and back to teaching. I focused my energy on prayer, personal development, family, and peace.

And now I start my day with prayer and personal development. Cooking dinner, reading books, and playing in the background replaced working late till my family called me to come home for dinner. I’m working less and more productive. How can that be? Well I think it’s because God is shaping me to be all I am supposed to be. I am so thankful (after many years) I am comfortable in my own skin as a child of the One True King!

If you have questions or prayer request please message me



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  1. I also taught. I have my Master’s in Ed Leadership too but have never pursued administration. Maybe one day but being home with my kids is all I want right now. 💖


    1. I completely understand! I’m sooo thankful I stepped down from the administration position to be at home more!! Kids don’t keep and I applaud for staying home with them 💚

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      1. Thank you. 💖


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