Knowing God

There’s a section in Chapter 2 of Knowing God by J.I. Packer that talk about Evidence of Knowing God. I’ve chewed over this for a while and revisited it again today. I like to check the boxes and move on. That’s my type A personality 💚Well here are Packer’s four propositions:

1. Those who know God have a great energy for God. ✅ got that!

2. Those who know God have great thoughts of God. ✅ got this too!

3. Those who know God show great boldness for God. ✅ indeed- unusually bold for me 😀

4. Those who know God have great contentment in God. ❎ So I am content knowing He is in control. However I seriously over analyze , worry, and stress which steal my peace. That peace that passes all understanding. That peace I feel on the shore staring into the ocean looking at God’s vast creations. It’s a me thing. Not a God thing. Working on this one constantly. 

Packer goes on to say ” the comprehensiveness of our contentment is another measure whereby we may judge whether we really know God” (p.32).
I will continue to seeking peace and contentment that can only come from Him. I pray my worries away and them up to God then pull them back down. Packer suggests that “we must recognize how much we lack knowledge of God. We must learn to measure ourselves, not by our knowledge about God, not by our gifts and responsibilities in the church, but by how we pray and what goes into our hearts”.

Packer’s words in the previous paragraph repeat to me what Andy Stanley said Sunday in his Guard rails for the heart message at Northpoint. “You can’t listen to your heart- Guilt, Anger, Greed, Jealously are found in the heart” we must empty ourselves and let God fill our heart! Confession, Forgiveness, Giving, and Celebrating are the antidotes to guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy.  

So within two days the same message pierces my heart ❤️ . Thank you Lord!
See Andy Stanley’s entire four part series at 
Till next time I’m seeking peace in Him.



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