Crash the Chatterbox 

Have you read  Crash the Chatterbox? I’m only half way through and wanted to share what I’ve learned so far 💗. 

 Crash the Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others

Julie’s notes:

P.4 “God has given us the ability to choose the dialogue we believe and respond to”

P. 33 “When you realize that God is the only One who really has any lasting reward to give, He becomes the only One whose approval you desperately need”.

P.41 prayer he said over is two year old daughter “God, help her always know this, deep down, that You the most powerful person she’ll ever encounter-and You love her more than she’ll understand”.

P.72 Dale Carnegie quote: “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy” (Dale Carnegie p.72) 

“The point is, we don’t get stronger in faith by avoiding our fears. What’s true about our physical bodies is also true about our spirits:the only way to get stronger is to work out. And we only overcome the paralysis of fear as we take our next step in faith” #crashthechatterbox #p.72 

“You either kick fear out of your heart or it will keep you out of the places God has prepared for you” #crashthechatterbox #p. 77

“The goal is to assess the fear. But obsessing over the fear will asphyxiate you. After you’ve identified the fear and acknowledged the possibility of pain, breathe in the promise…even if it happens…God says He will…still be the cornerstone of my life…protect me…lift my head high…restore my joy…give me peace that passes all understanding…put me back together…open my eyes to new opportunities…lead my to triumph…make me wiser and stronger as a result of this trial…catch me…help me in my time of need…hear my cry…breathe life into me…cover me…draw close to me…send his angels to comfort me”. #crashthechatterbox #p.87

Now back to reading 📚. I’d love to hear what you think of Crash the Chatterbox.

💗, Julie  

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