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My idea of a great Fall Saturday involves drinking coffee, watching football, and cooking in my jommies. Family, Football, and Food, are definitely a few of my favorite things.

My uncle Marshall always put a roast in the crockpot when we were all coming home. Since we were all coming from different directions and arriving at different times it was perfect. He chopped a white onion and placed it in the bottom of the crockpot. Next he put his roast on top of the onion. He salt & peppered it adding 1/2-1 cup of water to cover the onions. It cooked all day long. Uncle Marshall never added anything else. He said it was easier that way since we all liked different things. We pulled the meat from the crockpot to make sandwiches with bbq sauce.

Today seemed like the perfect day for Uncle Marshall’s “roast beast”. We paired it with cowboy bean, slaw, and a special treat for dessert.

Until recently Shelton had never had animal crackers, oreos, pretzels, or vanilla wafers. Thanks to a local health food store she’s tried all of these {gluten free,dairy free,nut free, soy free}childhood staples this week.

So tonight Banana Pudding was her next new treat! I made this dairy free coconut custard swapping arrowroot for tapioca flour.

Now back to football 🏈 watching Uncle Marshall’s Razorbacks and our Rebels. I sure do miss Uncle Marshall and Aunt Barbara. I am thankful for all of the love, memories, and life lessons in their home.



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  1. Ed and Linda Cox says:


    Well, you made me cry. I missed them also.

    What brand are Shelton’s new foods?


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    1. The link referenced above is for the commercially prepared cookies/ treats


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