Happy June 1st

Happy June 1st! Today we are starting something new 😎 Speakes’ product of the day! I will start with the product that changed our lives! GREENS! 

In fact we were sickly. Sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, colds a lot. At least one member of our house was going to the doctor each month! Shots, antibiotics, breathing treatments. It was a viscous  cycle. Everything changed last June. Almost a year ago! My husband started drinking the greens. By July our younger daughter and I started drinking them. To say it’s been an amazing year is an understatement. Almost a year later and no antibiotics, shots, or breathing treatments for illnesses. What was the only change we made in our diets? GREENS! 
Day 1: Each morning we drink greens in 8 ounces of liquid- usually water or juice! So here are that details on the greens:

Greens are an All natural Non-GMO Nutrient rich superfood 

8+ servings fruits & veggies

38 herbs/Vitamins

Improves immune system & digestive system πŸ’šRestores ph balance πŸ’š Detox! Try it with my forty percent discount for your honest feed back! Would you like to take the 90 day challenge to improve your health? 

Recently a friend lost 4lbs the first week replacing her sweet tea with greens and increasing her water! She said ” I have more energy and feel great”

I share this with you as my personal testament to these amazing results we have enjoyed! I feel so strongly I became a distributor to help physically, financially, for His Glory πŸ™ŒπŸ».



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