Back Home

I’m just back from the #ONE2017 conference and am so excited to be back home with my family but to also share this amazing opportunity! So many of you messaged me and I’m excited to reply to each but thought I’d post a bit here too!

I’m so excited many of you are ready to join or know someone that is! So here is the the answers to: 

How do you join our team?

You just join through my website! It’s only $99 to join and with that you get everything you need to launch your business PLUS a free box of 4 wraps that you’ll sell for $25 each and make your money right back. So there’s literally no risk. You will also gain exclusive access to my team page where you’ll get training from me and other top leaders to help you reach all your goals in this business. Is this something you’d be able to do soon? There are $ 5,000-$10,000 bonuses just announced yesterday at our #ONE2017 conference for new distributors! You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Questions?

Ready to Join the Team?

Join our team here

I’m here to help you any way I can. My prayer is to help people spiritually, physically, and financially.



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