As I’m reflecting on Day 2 of #ONE2017 I thought I’d share a few highlights:1. ItWorks truly is a God first company!

2. ItWorks gives to four amazing charities and we got to hear from them today: 

Peyton Wright Foundation

Samaritan’s Purse

Selah Freedom

Children’s Cup Foundation 

3. Our CEO gave away over 150,000 to six ladies to get out of debt! Why? Because he can!

4. The top 10 money earners in the company prayed 15 minutes backstage over the arena and for the Holy Spirit to guide each one of us in the arena and those watching online. 

5. This business is truly about helping others. We heard so many amazing stories with one theme “We are blessed to be a blessing”

If you’d like to know more about this company please direct message  me!  #ONE2017 #godsizeddreams #forHisglory #thankyoulordfortheblessings

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